22 August 2008

Southlands Concert

Savannah LOVES the summer concert series here and I love watching her dance it up. So, after a busy day of lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, bowling with Mommy, and playing with the neighbors, we met the Mallorys for a night of music and rascally business for the kids. Savannah and her friend Gracin are cute little dancing buddies that keep me laughing with their mixed styles. Check out Gracin's famous arm air guitar...

Guitar hero, superstar!

Jayda, Savannah and Gracin dancing.

Savannah and Gracin doing the white man shuffle???

Azia and her girlfriends playing some Nintendo games all together to pass the time...
The girls had a sleepover so Kiersty had six kiddos under her roof!

Cute little cherub Jax who is NOT eating the flowers, well, not too many of them anyway.

Savannah has extra loves tonight for Kiersty, lucky lady!
Savannah snuggled up to her until Jax decided he wanted his mommy back.

Jayda finds a girlfriend to dance with and they both ham it up to country.

Dance party for the girls. Savannah joins Jayda and her friend.

Somebody wants a little brother of her own!

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