08 August 2008

Back to school crafting

Every Thursday we have a concert in the park at Southlands. Savannah had a blast dancing the night away on Thursday with her friend Gracin. The two of them are like peas in a pod when it comes to dancing style...they easily move between disco, break dancing, interpretive, air guitar and something resembling the Scottish Highland dance. All this dancing is interrupted by fits of sudden chasing. Pics of these smooth moves to come if I can get some from my paparazzo pal Kiersty.

After a good night's sleep, we made some back to school crafts for her cousins, who we will see in a few days on a quick trip to NY. For my nieces we made tissues holders and matching handbags. For my nephew, it was harder. I never know what to make for boys. I considered a superhero cape or a pirate bandanna. But then I decided to stick with the back to school theme and made a matching tissue holder and pirate pencil case (although it could be used to hold treasure maps equally well!) Arggh! Hands off me treasure scallywag, or you'll walk the plank to Davey Jones locker.

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