19 August 2008

Images from Albany County, New York

I guess I'm still feeling too stressed out about my recent trip to NY to write much about it. I need time to process everything mentally and emotionally. My brain's rich mode is hard at work but doesn't always share its insight with my linear mode until it feels like it... stubborn creative half! Moving is very stressful in general plus add in all the other life changes our family is going through now and in the next few months and it's a recipe for, well, either the loony bin or a meditation class. Thank goodness I have crafting to help me unwind and serve as an outlet for my creativity. I'm in the middle of sewing another quilt for a little boy cherub and knitting a hat/mittens/socks set for a newborn (no baby in mind in particular, just needed something to calm my mind down!) Some day I would love a garden big enough to stroll through, or a zen garden to bring me back to the present but in the meantime, I'll settle for being closer to my best friend Maggie. Here are some images from our recent trip.
Mommy sow with her tired piglets at the Altamont County Fair.

Baby goats sitting on the laps of their human mamas. Such cute little creatures! They were all so soft, clean, and sweet. I couldn't help thinking how much Savannah would love a baby goat to sit on her lap, Kev would love it to mow the lawn, and I would love it to fertilize my garden.

A scarecrow supporting the Olympics. Go Daddy!

Savannah with her painted face and butterfly craft.

A fabulous quilt I loved at the fair. I wrote down all the names of the crafters of my favorite things so I would know who to call when we move.

Savannah enjoys a ride with her hands in the air. Daredevil!

Cousins Nathan, Savannah, Abby and Emma visit.

Savannah with her whack-y noodle hugging cousin Abby in the pool. Despite their age differences, these girls are two peas in a pod. Both share similar personalities; advanced with language from an early age, very sensitive, considerate of others, snugly, creative, attention-loving, and 100% love bug.

The silo from a 12 acre farm I liked. The farm used to be dairy. You can barely make out the shed beside it, which is covered in grape vines! Ahh, country life!

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