16 September 2008

Under contract and tummy talk

Finally, finally, 50 showings later, our house is under contract. Now we can relax a little more on our upcoming trip to NY while looking at houses and land. After we burried St. Joseph in the front yard upside down under the "For sale" sign (and Savannah said the house selling prayer with me), we had at least a dozen showings with three interested parties and one offer, so who knows, maybe St. Joseph looks kindly on little rascals with blonde curls who like to play pirates or maybe the lowered interest rates on loans played a role.

On our upcoming (and last) trip to NY before our move in October we will be evaluating whether or not a certain piece of land is an ideal building site for us. If so, great, we'll snatch it right up and look for temporary housing for a year while our building plans are underway. If the land is not ideal for us, we'll be looking for a house the whole time we're there.

Savannah likes to have snuggle time everyday and talk to "baby" in my tummy. Today she told the baby how much she loved it and how she was going to share her toys. She told the baby all about her day of ballet dancing, bike riding, baking, pirate fights with daddy (in which she cut off both his hands in battle) and coloring scary pictures for kitty so the cat would get scared and jump into her arms. Savannah is always plotting like that.

When she didn't like a talk we had today about behavior she told me she was going to pack her things and go live at Dearest's house. She also announced that she wants to be the one in charge of taking care of baby if baby ever gets sick. For anyone who has ever played doctor with Savannah, you'd know this is not a good thing as her Nazi streak comes out while you are innocently lying there on your sick bed. A cut on your finger quickly becomes an infection that spreads to your arm and brain, which have to be removed. Immediately. With lots of shots and injections and other small tortures but no medication.

I've got a bunch of unfinished projects once again - half a knit sock for myself, two baby quilts, and one lap quilt for Savannah for the car in winter time (oh yes, and my shrug that just might get finished for next summer).

At 9 weeks I've gained 1 pound but it feels like 10 - all in my belly. Thank goodness for city fit pants, they are so low on the hip there's room for your belly to hang out over the top. I think the beginning of a pregnancy is the awkward body stage where no one knows you're pregnant yet, you just look dumpy around the waist. I sympathize with young girls who have just begun to grow breasts and are going through the same awkwardness. Having a full round belly is kind of a relief after the first months.

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