07 September 2008

More socks and lessons learned

I made Savannah a second pair of the North Country socks and they turned out just as well. Savannah picked out the yarn herself, called beachball blue. As much as I love the sock pattern, I'm not keen on the yarn we picked out. The cotton stretches out after use, so I'm trying out a new yarn for a pair for myself called Heart & Sole with Aloe, Self-striping Knit Socks. So two-thumbs up on the pattern, and no recommendations on the yarn.

Savannah has been doing really well with her reading. The level 1 readers have become fairly easy for her and she reads some or all of her own bedtime stories now. She used to get stuck on big words and now she just tackles them sound by sound and usually gets it all by herself. She reads whatever she can get her hands on, recipes, newspapers, brand names, my trade magazines, it's inspiring to see what a big impact literacy has on her life. We are also practicing activities like what belongs together, opposites, shapes, what's wrong with this picture, counting activities, and interpreting illustrations. It's fun.

The weather has changed here with the leaves in the past few days. Today Savannah is wearing a sweater that was mine when I was little. It was handmade by a lady in Brunswick, Maine and has thistle buttons on the front that impressed Savannah. She's growing so quickly. Even last year I thought this sweater would never fit her.

I've ordered some Tai Chi DVDs so I can start at home. I love the short form and hope I can remember some of it! My main form of exercise this summer has been cleaning the house (yuck!) and yardwork so I'm really looking forward to having something to center my day again.

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