30 September 2008

Little Monsters

One of Savannah's nicknames before and after she was born was Tummy Monster. It was a nickname well-deserved. Now I have a new tummy monster, and again the nickname is well-deserved. I feel like I'm carrying a gremlin at the moment, not sugar and spice or snips and tails.

Savannah loves monsters, really LOVES them. When I was her age I was petrified of monsters under my bed and was certain that they would bite my achilles until it sprang up to my kneecap like a roller shade, if I got out of bed. Savannah would probably be thrilled to discover a monster under her bed. So while she was sleeping I created her own little monster, named Violet. Violet is hand-sewn from felt scraps, which is unusual because unless I really, really have to, I don't sew with a needle and thread. Violet has a little pocket on her tummy so she can double as a tooth pillow should the tooth fairy visit us anytime in the next year or so.

Violet the monster, who enjoys sleeping under Savannah's bed.

The little princess had to get some extra energy out this evening so she danced away to Tchaikovsky for an hour after dinner. When she dances, my "job" is to watch her. I get to play "the audience" according to Savannah, and speaking over her performance is not appreciated.

Finally, the finale! She bows, then curtsies, then poses for pictures.

I feel guilty for not finishing my craft projects right now. Between moving chores and baby fatigue, I barely have the energy to function all day long. The one project I'm really trying to finish before the move is Savannah's Halloween costume. I asked her if she wanted me to make her a princess or pirate costume this year and she said, "No!" She wants to be scary. She decided to be the most obscure thing - a bewitched pumpkin from Scooby Doo that comes to life and grabs people when the back-from-the dead witch Sarah Ravencroft brings it to life. She wanted to know if I could put a scary voice box inside her costume that makes eerie sounds. Picturing the poor kids in our new town peeing in their Halloween costumes when they encounter Savannah on Halloween night, I told her not this year.

I suppose even if I am slow to complete my projects right now, I'm still busy creating the greatest thing in the world, life.

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