03 September 2008

My first pair of socks!

When I flip through a new knitting book, sweaters inspire me, camisoles inspire me, baby blankets inspire me, not socks. So, I always thought knitters were crazy when they said knitting socks was addictive and fun. I would think to myself, "Uh, huh, socks, are the last thing I would ever want to knit." Well, procrastination being such a great motivator, I've just made my first pair of socks! (I'm procrastinating from finishing my shrug that I've been picking up and putting down all summer long.)

First I'm proud that I was able to knit them at all, considering that when I began, I had no idea how to turn a heel or what a gusset was. Secondly, I'm proud that they actually fit Savannah's feet! It was fun to have her try them on before I completed the toe to see if they would fit her or not. Next time I think I'll close the toes just a little earlier though! Mostly, I'm proud of myself for finishing a pair of something! If there's anyone out there who could make just one sock and stop there, it's me, although in our house any poor sock missing its mate is instantly turned into a sock puppet.

Here's the free pattern I used that was so easy to follow. I had to remind myself how to SKP and do the Kitchener stitch but I found a video from the knit witch on you tube that showed me how to do these things. I made them from Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton, a yarn I don't typically knit with. It's machine washable, which is great, but not so easy to work with and less forgiving than blends.

Here they are on my little cutie this morning!

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