11 April 2010


See that capital "T" in trouble? William's name around here has become William Trouble Bacon. Here's why:

 You read the manual, while I take it for a test drive...

 Mom, quick, I think something's burning in the kitchen!

Works every time, Flu$h! Flu$h! Flu$h!

Everyone else has electronic toys, why can't I? And the mohawk? I just wake up like this!

Yesterday Savannah was asked to put her chocolates in her Easter basket so William couldn't get to them. She moved the box but had to go back to search for one "missing" chocolate. I'm already half way to yelling at her for "losing" a chocolate when their stains are next to impossible to remove from carpeting and clothing so I help her in her hunt only to find little brother's palms and cheeks smeared with chocolaty goo. The baby scored his first chocolate. Savannah burst into tears and after cleaning off her brother, who was then on high speed Trouble mode, I asked her why she was crying. Fortunately, she said it was because she knew she was in trouble, and not because her little brother ate one of her chocolates. Good answer rascal.

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