25 April 2010

Flat wall book holder

At Knock Off Wood, there are some great bookshelf designs. We are a family with a lot of books but also with a lot of bookshelves. However, as soon as I saw the flat wall bookshelf, I thought of at least two places in our house where we could use one. The first is on my daughter's room near her bed. She is an avid reader of chapter books. At the moment she is going through The Secrets of Droon series and The American Girl series at the rate of about 10 books a week. At night she turns off the reading lamp attached to her bed and then stashes her books under her pillow. I've asked her to place them back on the bookshelf or in the library basket but due to our infestation with witches, she's afraid to get out of bed at night. So, I made a smaller version of the flat wall book holder for her to hang right next to her bed where she reads. She loves her World Map and wasn't willing to let me remove it from the wall, hence the smaller size (just 14" across). Still, it holds three hardcover volumes of poetry, eight softcover series books, seven hardcover series books, or five Where's Waldo books, another bedtime favorite. Now she can just reach over, stash her book and turn out the light without having to worry about witches.

We painted it dusty rose to go with the muted pink of her bedroom and because I'm so into shiny finishes at the moment, after two coats of semi-gloss paint, I sprayed the shiny enamel finish over it as well. My design is slightly different from Ana's but this is because I didn't have the instructions in front of me when I made it, just a quick sketch with dimensions in my notebook. Baby was napping and I didn't want to run back in the house and risk waking him by getting my laptop. Still, I'm very pleased with how it turned out and most importantly, so is my Savannah!


Anonymous said...

Seriously Sara... you are unstoppable! Your projects look like you've been doing this for years. I enjoy reading your blog so much that I've decided to start one myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

AlwaysCreatingSomething said...

Thanks Ana. I'm so excited you'll be joining the blog world soon!