19 April 2010


Remember that gift I asked for, my circular saw? I said my first project would be to make a pair of sawhorses and thanks to Ana at Knock Off Wood, I did it! Ana posted instructions for how to build a sawhorse table. I didn't want the table, I wanted the sawhorses so I can use my saw for another project. For just over $10 in lumber and $3 in wood screws, I built my first pair of sawhorses all by myself while William napped. I had to spread the construction out over two naps.

I almost gave in to the urge to paint them a bright flamingo pink, but alas, I am a practical girl at heart and these sawhorses are meant to see a lot of sawing action. One tip, build them backwards from Ana's plans. I built one sawhorse following her plans in order and the second starting with the leg cross supports, then adding the legs and ending with the top, and it was much easier, faster, and more stable to work on. I didn't need clamps or a helper or feel like I needed a third arm building them backwards.

Can I just say that I'm so impressed that they stand up strong and level! I finished them on Thursday and have already completed my first project with them, but I'm not yet ready to reveal it since it's drying under a coat of paint.

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