05 November 2008

Worth the view

It's been a full week since we've moved and the house is still full of boxes, some half opened, others still taped shut and we're functioning around the mess, at least in the kitchen. Sometimes I feel ambitious, like opening everything even though I don't yet have places for much of it due to the unfinished floors and then there are times like today where I get mesmerized by a pair of great blue herons that land in our pond and stalk the perimeter with their long beaks angled down, heads tilted to the side, and skinny necks coiled up awaiting the first sign of a fish at which to spring. Every room in the house has a view. I haven't hung any artwork on the wall yet and feel like my art is too dull compared to the picture windows that hold constantly moving images of wildlife like the paintings at Hogwarts.

Savannah's room is nearly done for now. We tore down the screw-in instant shelf system in the closet today and repaired the holes and painted it a creamy white. Tomorrow we should be able to install a solid pine sweater shelf and bar. Her room is missing only proper flooring (it's Behr's two-part epoxy paint system right now in khaki), which we can't install until we've decided on a heating system and baseboard trim. I want to put in a cork floor for her bedroom. Soft, cushy, warm, green, and sound-absorbing, but this is only if we don't go with the radiant floor heating.

Here are some pictures from the more fun things we've been up to including Halloween, trips to Indian Ladder Farm, building snow people and riding bikes.

Snuggling with Grampa Fred.

Pumpkins LOVE their lollipops!

Grampa Fred, Savannah and Dearest at Indian Ladder Farm after a cup of hot cider and fresh cider doughnuts.

A Tennessee fainting goat - they actually lock up when startled due to a medical condition and fall over, immobilized for 30 seconds or so...funny!

Savannah loved feeding the donkey, who seemed to like her attention and the midday snack as well!

The sweet calf that Savannah likes in theory until she gets a touch of the wet slimy nose...

Savannah's pregnant snow mommy - wonder where she got that idea? Now it's disappeared with the Indian Summer weather. Snow was just for moving day...

And...Savannah's new gift from Mommy, a big girl bike that she fully deserves. It gets her up and down our road quickly. L.L. Bean was out of the purple one but she likes the blue boys bike even better, so there you are.

Do you think she likes it???

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