11 November 2008

A little bathroom magic

This is currently my favorite room in the house - the main floor bathroom. The thing was unusual with a corner toilet and corner sink with the plumbing all exposed and a corner mirror that drove me nuts because there was a weird seam down the center of your face where the two mirrors met the corner. I decided to work a little cosmetic magic on this bathroom but wasn't sure if the toilet and corner sink should be replaced with something more traditional.

"Before" picture - weird corner toilet with holes in the wall and baseboards. This bathroom was primed but never painted so the drywall soaked up tons of paint for such a small space...

A dark, picture of the corner sink after I had removed the weird mirrors in the corner. I'm not a big fan of exposed plumbing but haven't yet decided whether to hide it with a fabric skirt or leave it as is.

There was certainly room for something more traditional but with the amount of money we've been spending lately at Home Depot, etc, I decided to consider keeping the odd arrangement since it doesn't bother any of us. After the usual argument with my mom about paint choices (she wanted me to paint it green or purple or blue, two of which are colors I would never put in a house) I decided on the color I liked best, called Sugar Cookie by Behr. Since this is a small bathroom without a shower or bathtub, I decided that Behr paint would be fine. We've never had any trouble with Behr in rooms that have little to no moisture or get low levels of traffic. I also ordered a corner vanity for less than what I would've paid for a regular one on sale, and a corner medicine cabinet that was less than anything I would've found at Home Depot or Lowe's. Now I have a bathroom that I love. I was going to purchase some prints of cycads from ebay to decorate the bathroom with but decided that I want things to be more personal in this house. I'm going to use my own photography and have chosen a picture of a Buddhist temple from our trip to O'ahu and am still deciding on the other one. Here are some "after" pictures.

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint. I'm just thankful I won't have to do the trim work again in this bathroom for quite some time.

The cycad that I love in this bright red ceramic pot. Cycads are among the oldest plants known to humans.

Here's the medicine chest I found - and to think I didn't have to pay for shipping on anything! I really needed more storage space and the pair of pieces for this bathroom provide all we will need.

A photo from O'ahu of the Buddhist Temple we visited in September 2007 with the same red and green accents. I wish I could return! We would spend two days at the Buddhist Temple since it was so beautiful at the foot of the mountains with the mist circling over us and the koi and doves waiting to be fed by hand among the palms.

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