12 November 2008

From subfloor to Jatoba

Here's the happy demo crew for the upstairs bedroom...

I'm not in the picture because I have a pinched nerve in my hip from ripping out the shag carpet, so I'm part of the grumpy demo crew...

I suppose you could say that my standards for child safety have recently been lowered...there were nails and staples all over the floor as well as splintered wood and I let my daughter "help." She has her own pair of fitted leather work gloves and wears her safety mask most of the time for dust and particulates as well as hard-soled shoes but still....

The flooring project begins this morning. Kevin is thrilled because it begins with properly screwing down the subflooring to the joists below so the squeaks disappear. The top floor is very squeaky and I feel terrible creaking across the floor like an elephant on egg shells in the middle of the night while Kev is trying to sleep and rest for work the next day.



My mom also helped me paint the upstairs in Sherwin-Williams' Durability (that's the low-VOC paint that can be scrubbed with soap and water) in Napery. Actually, my mom did most of it since it was a cold day and it was hard to open the windows to get better air flow, so even with my mask on, there were paint fumes. (By the way my midwife who is leaving the country for two weeks told me the most important thing was for me to avoid toxins and take my prenatals while she was away - I didn't mention that I've been painting and doing other renovation work...) I'm almost 19 weeks pregnant now and somehow between week 13 and 19 I gained 5 pounds.

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