30 October 2008

Short on time

Sorry I haven't been able to keep up lately. We've been busy with the new house and we only received our furniture on Wednesday so I've had one day to begin unpacking boxes. My house is like a maze of cardboard boxes, which is made worse by the fact that we completed Behr's two-part epoxy system on our basement floors where the guest and Savannah's bedrooms are so nothing can be moved into those rooms until another two days. All that remains to be done in those rooms (besides drying time!) are the baseboards (and I want to redo Savannah's closet eventually).

Before that two cord of wood was delivered in the rain...so I spent a morning getting one cord in the barn then Kevin got 3/4 of a cord in that afternoon. The rest has been rained on twice and snowed on once.

The good news is that the stars are brilliant here at night. I can see Orion, Cassiopeia, Cygnus, Cepheus, etc. And when we wake up, we look down on the pond which is inhabited by a family of great blue herons. I told Savannah they are big special birds, like blue flamingos, so we are lucky to have them.

No big day for an Eastler is without its fair share of trials and mistrials. Our moving day was no exception, the usual comedy of errors. The day before moving day it snowed - a hard icy, snow. We discovered that our walkway is sunk 2-3 inches below the ground so when it rains and snows, the walkway transforms into a giant pond. When we arrived at the house from the hotel, the tree in the front of the house had broken in half. No one was hurt and it didn't crash into the house, thank goodness, but it did cover the entrance and walkway to our house. Our saw was packed on the truck so we had to borrow a small handsaw from the neighbor to remove the branches so the movers could enter our house. Plus, they didn't want to drive the moving truck down the driveway so they got a smaller U-Haul to move things from the road to the second truck then into the house...an exhausting process. Plus, our mover had swiss cheese for brains and I strained to understand half of what came out of his mouth, which seemed generally irrelevant.

Currently we have the guest bed set up in the basement surrounded on three side by stacks of boxes. Savannah is sleeping on the floor of our bedroom on an air mattress in a sleeping bag, the cat is living in the greenhouse at night and prowls around the house during the day and I feel like the princess and the pea as I climb atop our deep mattress and box spring on top of the built-in platform bed that we have yet to knock out. Our house is zoned by livable areas and demolition areas, most of which are the latter.

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