05 June 2009

Solar installation continues - cemented, trenched and wired

The initial work on our photovoltaic system is complete. The three poles for our pole-mounted system are up, cemented in place and wired. They look great and they have a great view of the pond.

The poles stand about 15' apart. The grass will grow back in no time, hopefully the ticks and poison ivy will not. The poles are mounted on the berm we've called "Tick Hill" because we always had ticks when walking there.

The electrical wiring that goes from the PV system to the inverter is also in place. The crew dug a trench for the wires, which feed the DC from the solar panels into the inverter box in the garage.

In order to mount this 4' by 4' panel, the electricians had to rewire the air compressor on the left, but they did so so quickly that they didn't charge us extra for it. We have a grid tied system so we can benefit from net metering. We can't wait for the panels, that are sitting in the barn, to be mounted!

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