28 May 2009

Photovoltaic (solar) grid-tied system underway

We are having a grid-tied 5.52kW grid-tied photovoltaic system installed this summer. It will be pole-mounted for optimal performance since the pole-mounted systems can be adjusted seasonally to maximize their performance.

The PV system is being installed on the berm that overlooks the pond where the panels will be tucked out of view. Construction started this week although we don't expect it to be up and running until August.

Flattening out the berm for the equipment and removing the rocks.

Preparing to dig the holes for the pole mounts where concrete foundations will be poured.

Access ramp for the machines up the hill.

One of the holes, which doesn't look very impressive here but it's way over my head. They built in a "step" on the left so a man could climb out of it.

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