10 June 2009

Solar installation complete

We are now officially a solar farm (with the exception that the paperwork hasn't yet caught up to the work so the power we are generating now isn't being collected--ahh! bureaucracy getting in the way of "free" green energy!).

Here they are installing the panels. Even on a day this foggy, the test run showed it was collecting 4.9kW of energy on our 5.2kW system, pretty good!

I think the solar panels standing in a row of three arrays and turned up to the sun like sunflowers are beautiful, our own modern art sculptures. We plan to seed the area beneath with grass to keep the wild tall grasses and saplings from putting down root there.

The best part about this project? I haven't had to lift a finger, which is great because most days I haven't been well enough to do so. Instead I get to spend my time:

collecting laughs on my camera,

and first practices at tummy time,

and homeschooling this beautiful, smart, and rascally big sister.


Philigry said...

this is so awesome. my husband is certified to install solar panels. it is such a great way to live green. hope it all comes together really soon! how frustrating. it will all pay off in the end, though.

Atlanticsong said...

You must have one talented DH. He's also a plumber right? Do you think you'll have some solar panels in a few years? I bet you will...

Shelly Randall said...

Congratulations on the PV installation! 5.2-KW -- that's more than twice the size of our 2-KW system, and we find it covers 40% of our electricity usage (this percentage used to be higher until baby came along...he's a power sucker!). I'll share this good news with Jeff (who's still selling solar-electric systems with www.powertripenergy.com). Hooray!