05 May 2009

Le petit prince

While I'm getting my strength and energy back, here are a few pictures of the new prince. You'll see that he really doesn't resemble Mom or Dad yet. He's his own little person and we're all curious to learn more about who he is as he grows. He looks much older than a baby - like a wise old man trapped in a baby's body.

William naps in the Moses basket.

Big sister gives baby brother lots of love and attention. All that practice in the Boppy paid off!

William looks around at the world, such a curious place.

Wide awake and alert after a big day and looking more like he's filled with sage advice than just three days old.

Savannah's artistic interpretation of our home birth. The father duck and big sister duck stand by as mother duck hatches her eggs near the pond cattails. Note the title, "Hard Work".


Maggie Gentili said...

Sara - he's sooo cute...this is exactly how Ben was when he was first born. So many people used to comment (and still do) that Ben was born looking more like a 'little man' than a baby...he had very mature features. You're going to LOVE having a son to raise alongside Savannah...please let me know if I can help in any way! Continue to rest whenever possible! (PS...although it's nearly impossible to make out most of his features, I think I see a bit of your nose in the middle of that cute little face!!!!) :) Lots of Love! xoxox

Elizabeth said...

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Atlanticsong said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I would love to send you a fabric square to make your quilt. What a great idea to make a quilt with fabric from all over the world! I have lots of bright colors - let me know if you have any color preferences.