25 July 2008

County Fair

I LOVE County Fairs and why I have never entered a quilt or photograph in one of their annual contests, I do not know! I should! The challenge would probably be fun for me.

Here are some of the things we saw this year. I am so excited that Savannah is such a farm girl at heart because we are moving from the suburbs of Denver to rural New York where we are building a zero-energy home in just a few months.

Savannah fishing for trout with her dad at the fair. She got three nibbles but didn't hook one.

Savannah drives her motorbike like a pro!

Here's a Thimbleberries log cabin style quilt that I liked.

And a Halloween quilt that I could definitely see myself making! Halloween and autumn are big deals in our house!

Here Savannah feeds the calf hay by hand and the calf seemed to enjoy the attention!

Savannah LOVES the pony. And her Daddy just MIGHT get her one eventually to keep her too busy for dating boys!

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