28 June 2010

Time marches on

As William has been busy growing teeth, his big sister has been busy working on her first loose tooth, which last night, became her first missing tooth.

Savannah's first missing tooth!

It took her a while to decide if she wanted to keep it or let the tooth fairy take it, but she finally decided to let the tooth fairy have it. She was repaid for the favor with some sparkly dollar bills and a fairy dusted certificate of her first lost tooth.

William in the meantime is busy walking everywhere and of all the hobbies to take up, his new favorite is cleaning. Here he is cleaning the top of the wood stove with a clean wet wipe. He also takes toilet paper, wets it in the sink and cleans out the sink basin. Funny little fellow!

Above all he loves to copy his big sister.  Here they are "reading" together on the sofa, a new part of our daily routines.

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Ana Funderburk said...

How cute she looks! Tell Savannah that Ethan lost a top front tooth the other day. He too traded to the tooth fairy. Maybe we can catch up with you guys soon and they can compare!