06 June 2010

Floating shelves

For too long I've been working on these floating shelves. I built the shelf arm supports a few weeks ago then put the sleeves on hold for two reasons. One is that my little guy was sick and has needed me 24 hours a day so there was no escaping for mommy to the garage. The other is that I was afraid to get started with rip cuts on my circular saw, mainly because the directions include so many warnings about things that can go wrong...and the saw is heavy, not exactly a girl friendly tool but a necessary one.

 Here are the frames hanging out in the garage on Sunday.

And finally here they are screwed into studs on the first floor, awaiting their sleeves, which were drying in between coats of paint in the garage. The new shelves are intended to display my daughter's artwork and her slowly growing collection of awards. I wanted a way to quickly change out her artwork since she creates it regularly in her weekly private art lessons and I don't have the room (or the intention) to drill holes in all the walls to hang everything up.

Now Savannah has her own "art gallery" and she can display her karate belts and trophies.

You can find these floating shelf plans are from Ana at Knock-off wood. Thanks Ana!

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Ana Funderburk said...

Very cool shelves! The art looks really good on them too.