07 September 2009

Wood in

Last winter we had an energy efficient soapstone woodstove installed. It provides wonderful warmth and heat to two floors of our house. Instead of ordering wood this year, Kevin has been bringing it in himself every weekend in the woods behind our house. He goes out with his chainsaw and removes the dead hardwoods that fell in the ice storm, hauls them back behind the barn and chops them into woodstove-size logs. He also removes the pines and anything else that has fallen on the hiking and snowshoeing trails behind our house.

Today I went into the barn to see the progress. Here are two rows 16-18 feet long stacked 7-8 feet high.

And another short row.

And behind the barn two more enormous stacks of wood.

Someone has been very busy this season preparing for winter. Last winter we thought the weather was fine but everyone told us it was a long hard winter for the area. I think we'll be more than prepared for the upcoming winter and I'm looking forward to the family snuggles we'll share while keeping cozy and warm in front of the woodstove as the snow falls.

The girls love to keep Kevin company when he's chopping wood. The bark falls off and the girls go crazy for the bugs beneath. Long after he's stopped chopping, they continue to eat the buggies.

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