17 September 2009

Garden treasures

We still have bushes full of basil, sweet bell peppers, black beauty zucchini, early fortune cucumbers, and tomatoes. Some little creature discovered how to get through the garden fence and systematically ate all the carrot tops off. When we pulled them out of the garden, they were mostly too small for eating. I hope our melons ripen soon.

Savannah's giant pumpkins are amazing! The first viable fruit steals all the plant's resources by sending out a chemical that kills off all the others on the vine. As they wither and rot, the big pumpkin hoards all the food for itself. This is the small one about 12 inches in diameter.

This one is so large, I'm not sure how we are going to get it out of the garden at the end of October. Savannah can ride on it like a St. Bernard. We'll have to roll it up a plank into the cart so we can haul it up to the front of the house with the tractor. There's no way I could fit this one in the wheelbarrow. It sure will be fun to see it in front of the house this fall.

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