05 April 2009

Renovations continue...

Thursday Savannah decided the one thing she really wanted in her new and improved bedroom was more pink. I've already made her pink and white toile curtains, a pink quilt, and her down comforter and rug are also pink, but she wanted more. Since the playroom paint clashed with her old bedroom paint, I was sold on the pink, inspired by a paint ad in This Old House where a similar muted yellow was paired up with a muted green and muted pink in adjacent rooms and looked great. In one afternoon we re-painted her bedroom and she now says it's the most beautiful bedroom she's ever had. Fortunately, it was a hot sunny day so we kept all the downstairs windows open while painting with a low-VOC paint.

Here is a view of the new color with the completed tiled floor, grouted, sealed and caulked, with the trim I painted, cut and installed today.

We also spent the afternoon pretending to be Cinderella, mopping the hazing off the tiles to prepare for sealing the grout. (If you've never done this job before, don't, it took us two vacuumings, and three moppings on hands and knees per room to get the tiles in grout sealing-worthy shape. The haze really sticks.) Savannah loves to be Cinderella, helping with sweeping, laundry, and mopping. Sometimes we have Pirate Wednesdays where we take turns being the Captain and crew and "swab the decks" while listening to and singing sea chanteys.

A view of the playroom floor that is now grouted and sealed. Kevin cut and re-installed all of the doors today (all six of them) because the floor was raised nearly two inches for the radiant flooring and tiling. I still have to install the trim, but it's become a lower priority since the furniture for the playroom doesn't arrive until the end of the month and two other precious packages (baby and chicks) arrive before then.

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