12 April 2009

Easter at the Eastlers

I don't know what sort of Easter bunny visits your house, but at our house, it is the rascaliest rabbit of them all. The Easter bunny is not content to simply leave Savannah a nice basket full of goodies so every year she must solve a series of riddles that takes her all over the house and yard to find her hidden basket. As if that weren't enough, once she finds her basket of goodies, there is usually another hunt for the hidden eggs.

Her Easter began this year with her first clue:

Good morning, good morning! Today is Easter Day. I brought you some goodies, but I hid them all away. To find them you must follow the clues: look for your bunny ears inside of something blue. Put them on and find your next clue.

And so on until at last she discovered her treasure...

which contained another riddle for her to solve to find her hidden Easter eggs.

Green tip: Every year Savannah sets out her Easter basket, a hand-me-down, on the night before Easter so we reuse the same basket every year instead of having to buy new ones that get tossed. Her basket is nicely made of real wood and is hand-painted and has lasted us through four years without injury. During the year she uses it for other things - practicing "find the hidden object games" and to collect things in. This year we also discovered a German-made edible Easter grass. Don't want to eat it? Add some warm water to it and watch it disappear or let it decompose naturally.

Plus, that rascally Easter rabbit took a nibble out of our bunny cake leaving a trail of crumbs across my kitchen counter top. This year's cake isn't as pretty as last year's but it tastes so much better!

This year's bunny cake - a moist yellow cake made from the All New Good Housekeeping Cookbook Golden Butter Cake recipe with a silky orange butter frosting that is fresh and delightful.

Last year's bunny cake - a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Looked great, smelled great, tasted not so great.

We've all been joking about whether an Eastler might be born on Easter but there are no signs of meeting baby yet, so we wait...

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Our chickens are Buff Orpingtions, a golden yellow chicken. They are very gently and easy to care for.