28 January 2009

What's in a name

We have decided on baby names even though the sex of baby will most likely be a surprise since I'm probably not going to have an ultrasound. If baby is a girl, her name will be Sophia Ann Bacon, with two middle names after my dearest grandmother, Ann Warder Bacon. Sophia is Kevin's first (and only) choice for a girl name. Fortunately, I've always liked the name - it is the name of the founder of my all-women's college and is traditional enough for us. Sophia means wisdom and is derived from English and Ancient Greek.

Ann Warder Bacon as "Ann Bruce", her modeling name. Don't let the beauty on the outside fool you, she's the only person I know who could finish a Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle in under 40 minutes and preferred tumbled beach stones to Tiffany's diamonds.

If baby is a boy, his name will be William Bacon, after my dearest great uncle William Bacon III, and for the long line of Williams in Kevin's family as well as the many William Bacons in my family. In earlier years Bill Bacon filmed Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar and Nikki, Wild Dog of the North and in later years documentaries like Tibet, A Moment in Time and Friendship Village: A Place of Healing. William means protector and is derived from English and Scottish. Acceptable nicknames would be Sophie or Will (sorry, we're just not as fond of the other nicknames derived from these names).

Besides the importance to me of choosing family names that have meaning, both of these names meet my other criteria, which is that they sound well when pronounced in French and that their meanings are suitable. Both names also fare well in the numerology charts. I like the Japanese proverb that says, Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names. I agree very much that names and words have power. It's one of the reasons why, when I feel conflicted, I would rather not say anything at all than say something I could never take back. Words are permanent, eternal, and don't disappear once spoken. After I've found clarity, words can flow again. Most of my friends are people who understand this and choose their words with great care. You can only imagine the kinds of debates Kevin and I have over names. What a relief to have come to an agreement.

Savannah disagrees with our names entirely. She prefers Beauty for a girl's name and Tom for a boy's name, mainly because she's so smitten with her grandpa who she says is the nicest and rascaliest guy she knows. Savannah also insists that I'm having a girl. Savannah is named after my favorite ecosystem and the southern-ness of her name, honors the southern roots of my family while her middle name, Sinclair, honors the Scottish side of Kevin's family.

I recently had a dream that baby came and we had nothing - no diapers, no car seat, just a baby in a birthday suit. So I've decided that after my curtains are done and the next two books I'm working on, I will settle down and make some things for baby. The dream did prompt me to buy some plain white onesies, wrap and snap Ts, and socks. The first two can be easily embroidered and embellished with girl or boy fabrics, ribbons, buttons, etc. The socks were just plain cute. Small enough for one of Savannah's dolls. Savannah helped me stock up on some diapers and two other "supplies" that are necessary after having a baby, so now it's up to Papa to pick out a car seat. My first baby project will most likely be a quilt or two (one in girl and one in boy colors), then a Boppy-style nursing pillow. My finished quilt stash of baby things is down to zero after the recent baby boom among friends in my life so even though I'll only end up using one of the quilts, I'll be replenishing my supply.

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