19 January 2009

Making the winter warmer

Other than sunshine what makes the winter is warmer is people. We spent New Year's Eve at a neighbors' party where Savannah spent half the night goofing off with her favorite cowboy Andy.

Here's a picture Andy's wife took of the silly duo.

There was an Asian theme so we brought doughnut holes to the party - the round shape of doughnuts without a hole in the center are supposed to be lucky for the New Year. This was our first time making doughnuts and they were so delicious! We rolled some in cinnamon sugar others in powdered sugar and glazed others that Savannah sprinkled jimmies on. I should have taken a picture! I promise to post the recipe the next time we make them but it will be a while since the dough has to rise twice and takes a few hours. We left just before midnight to tuck the little one in and saved ourselves the embarrassment of having to do karaoke. Here we are before the party:

A week later we had another party at our neighbors down the road and we've been teaching Savannah how to ice skate on our neighbors' pond. Savannah likes to hold onto a chair.

We've been skating on our neighbors' pond because they use a snow blower to clear most of the snow off and night flood lights. We help shovel the rest off so the ice is smooth. The deer like to cross on our pond at night and pack the snow down making it harder to clear with just a shovel.

Another fall... Savannah falls on her bum quite a bit during ice skating but she always gets back up again. She's had a few bruises on her hips and bum but it doesn't seem to bother her much. The padded snow pants must help!

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