29 March 2011

Long enough

We returned from our trip to Florida. We stayed just long enough to

start a few fires,

make friends with real pirates,

bury a few treasures in the sand,

pat the stingrays and feed them lunch,

dance in the ocean until its waves knocked us down,

see the dolphins in rehabilitation and captivity,

and in the wild,


and play around with some technology,

meet some other moms,

sail on board a real pirate ship,

learn how to fire pistols,

and listen to pirate stories at sunset,

become honorary pirates,
 dance our buccaneer hearts out,

climb to the top of the world,
bungee jump,

and flip,

and flip some more,

 hang out upside down to appease our monkey hearts,

make new friends and dance a little,

unmake new friends!

learn how swimming pools work,

and rearrange the fountains,

collect sea shells,

swim under the water,

and pose for a late night family photo with the camera timer.

Until next year, bye Florida!

1 comment:

Mary Rawson said...

What fabulous pics! Looks like ya'll had a great time. :)