31 January 2011

Popcorn for breakfast

William likes loud things. Our air popper is loud, ergo William likes it. It helps that he's crazy about popcorn and gets to throw nutritional yeast on by the fistful. But I was still surprised when he insisted on having it for breakfast. I offered him banana bread, which he loves and would more aptly be called banana cake. I offered him toast, with butter, and jam. I offered him cereal like big sister. With blueberries on top. Blueberries plain. No, it had to be popcorn. For breakfast.

 So, we popped a big bowl together and he was so happy that he ate it by the fistful.

You didn't believe me about eating it by the fistful until you saw it for yourself, right? At least he also ate a big bowl of grapes with his big bowl of popcorn and washed it down with milk.

"Hey, what can I say? I'm quite the guy!"

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Mary R said...

Savannah has grown so much, and is just as lovely as ever. I can't believe how big William is! Time sure is flying. :)