02 March 2010

Ten and counting

William is 10 months old already and one thing we've learned about him is that everyday he loves to laugh and make others laugh too. He has three games that he plays with us everyday, one of them is peek-a-boo or hide and seek. If we don't initiate it, he will! He crawls over to the drapes and wraps himself up in them. Then he'll wait there patiently until someone catches on.

Hmm, wonder who could be hiding behind the curtain???


Peek-a-boo! It was William. This makes him roar with laughter, which makes everyone else laugh.


Here he is at dinner stuffing his cherub cheeks with as much orange as will fit in there. He won't eat anything pureed, including yogurt, but adores lumpy cottage cheese, bananas, and whole beans.This funny little guy will also eat Japanese salad dressing with garlic and ginger like there's no tomorrow and gnaw on my spicy Indian chicken with curry and garam masala but try to give him apple sauce, or any other standard baby food, and he's totally disgusted. 

His new thing is clapping, which he can do to tempo if the song has strong percussion. He figured this out during Ravel's Bolero, which he appears to adore. Perhaps big sister's music class is rubbing off on him?

Look who's 10 months old!

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