19 February 2010


In case you didn't know, pirates are a big thing in our house. This year in Florida, I asked Savannah if she wanted to help me look for shells and she said, no, she would rather spend her time looking for buried treasure. Savannah made friends with a lady who had a metal detector and before long she had herself a buried treasure, a metal tin filled with coins and bath toys and shells. Not sure who might have buried it there, ahem, but she believes it was Captain Kidd's first buried treasure.

So, it was only a matter of time before William crossed the plank from a landlubber to a pirate... Big sister has ensured his place as first mate on her fine vessel and William hopes to be promoted to Apprentice Captain as soon as he gets his sea legs.

Ahoy thar me hardies!

Arrgh! I take me rum with milk!

Savannah's reward after she's finished her schoolwork and chores is getting to play her favorite pirate game on the computer. She plunders ships and finds buried treasures, romances governor's daughters, and gets into tavern fights to obtain information about her captured family. Let me just say that if I'm ever on a ship in the Caribbean, I want the fearless Savannah to be my Captain.

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