19 August 2009

Scarlet's new roost

I had been warned that chickens not only do not care what their housing looks like but that they often prefer something other than what their humans give them. Scarlet is one of those chickens.

She prefers the Saab roof rack to her own accomodations,

which explains the bird poop on the garaged car, as well as the tracks up and down the trunk.

18 August 2009

Nature's Bounty

We've been enjoying our first real yields from the garden. Must be the sunshine! When I finally got out to pick zucchini for the first time, they were nearly the size of baby William. We've been grating them into baked goods and fritters with grated onion and potato, sauteing them and slicing them into lasagnas and ratatouilles, etc. The zucchini are Black Beauty heirlooms.

The cucumbers are also delicious! We pick them and take a bite right out of them. They are Early Fortune heirlooms. In between salads, I've been slicing some up and placing them in a container in the fridge overnight with some vinegar and sugar for a little treat in the heat.

The squash, pumpkins and two varieties of melons are all doing well. So are the sweet peas but we eat them all right out of the garden so they never even make it up to the house.

Our blueberries have been slow and steady but we are enjoying them now for breakfasts on the weekends or for a quick "whenever" snack. Yum!

05 August 2009

Unicorns and Puppies

Savannah went to Build-A-Bear for the first time to use her birthday gift card. She chose the pink unicorn with sparkly stars all over it. (Big surprise!)

Then she dressed it in a pink dress with pink shoes...

...and named it Loosy.

And since she had extra left over on her gift card, she decided to make a puppy for her baby brother,

who napped through the whole thing.

02 August 2009

Happy Birthday Baby (3 months!)

My sweet baby William turned three months old today. I can't believe a quarter of a year has passed already! This is my only chance to enjoy him as a baby; William is my last baby.

Look at his great expressions:




William is already teething so the poor guy drools all over the place. Our little drooly monster saturates three bibs a day in saliva and still gets his shirts wet. He also likes to teeth on Mommy's fingers - like a piranha.

Savannah was always compulsive about exercising and about accomplishing something new. William has a more relaxed approach to everything. If he sees something he wants, he rolls over and gets it, but with no incentive, forget it. He's got a great sense of humor and he likes to make me laugh at every night before bedtime with his silly talk. He's my little snuggle.