02 August 2009

Happy Birthday Baby (3 months!)

My sweet baby William turned three months old today. I can't believe a quarter of a year has passed already! This is my only chance to enjoy him as a baby; William is my last baby.

Look at his great expressions:




William is already teething so the poor guy drools all over the place. Our little drooly monster saturates three bibs a day in saliva and still gets his shirts wet. He also likes to teeth on Mommy's fingers - like a piranha.

Savannah was always compulsive about exercising and about accomplishing something new. William has a more relaxed approach to everything. If he sees something he wants, he rolls over and gets it, but with no incentive, forget it. He's got a great sense of humor and he likes to make me laugh at every night before bedtime with his silly talk. He's my little snuggle.

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bridgmanpottery said...

oh, I have a red headed boy too. You are SO going to have your hands full.
Thank you for such a nice comment.
best- melissa