25 December 2009

White Christmas

We didn't have to dream of a white Christmas this year.

It was a perfectly white day - a fresh glistening coat of frost on the deciduous branches, a dusting of powdered sugar on the pines, a white foggy sky, and a pond of frozen ice that William decided must be the perfect place for his afternoon nap.

Kevin cleared the snow from the pond and practiced his hockey while William and I skated and Savannah played in the snow around the pond, eating as much of it as she could.

  Santa was generous; Savannah received the harp she asked for,

William, who can't yet ask for things other than his Mama, naps, or milk, received a wooden play cube that we think he and big sister will enjoy for quite a few years.

Highlights included William's tractor book from Santa,

 and his dump truck

 (made in the USA from 100% recycled plastics),

Savannah's vehicle construction set and the wooden top and yo-yo from a local artisan (this top never stops spinning!),

 Kevin's blu-ray player, which he has yet to convince the rest of the family is really a family gift, but we'll see! I lucked out with some items from my Amazon wish list and chocolates in my stocking, the good ones that I'm reluctant to share.

I'll always remember this Christmas for our ice skating,

Savannah and Kevin constructing a fork lift together (and caterpillar and robot),

for William's all day snuggles, nap on the pond,

and new funny face.

Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas evening.

Don't eat too much of the trimmings...

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