18 November 2009

Family Tree a Thanksgiving Gift

As oral tradition becomes a lost art, I think family trees become more and more important. There are times in one's life when the only way to go forward is to first go backwards, return to one's origins. I think it is powerful to see where you've come from, the long line of those who have come before you, each contributing some role towards making your unique life possible. I like the organic form of the tree as well to portray the family lines.

This is my Thanksgiving gift to my family - our family tree. The children appear as apples resting on the tree's roots. They are the "apples of my eye", and in our house it's true that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". I can look at the tree and trace my daughter's love for crossword puzzles, reading, and word games and our uncanny knack for finding four-leaf clovers in a field.

Each frame is 10 x 20 because nothing else seemed quite large enough to read without squinting and standing directly in front of it.

His side of the family tree...

...and her side of the family tree.


Ellen said...

I stumbled upon your Flicr page- this Family tree is gorgeous - did you hand draw the tree trunk? I adore this is it the sweetest.

AlwaysCreatingSomething said...

Thank you Ellen. I did draw the trunk because of its unusual size but you can find a standard size template here that was my inspiration.

Shelly Rees said...

I love this project, Sarah! I've been in the mode of framing art that has been languishing, and getting it up on the walls, and this is a lovely idea to add to my project list. Actually, I'll add the tree to my much-larger family photo project. Hope to do some scanning over Christmas! Always enjoy your posts. Sweet William is looking well. Best, Shelly