15 July 2009

Critters on the farm

Farm girl Savannah dressed head to toe in her tick-resistant clothing made by Insect Shield. Ready to get to work!

Can you believe how small these little frogs are? We find them all around our barn, hopping through the grass. The chickens will eat them when they chance upon them, but they prefer insects and worms to frogs.

Nap time! Roosting in the rhododendron bush near our front door.

Without the flash, this moth blends in remarkably well.

I wish we had more snakes to eat bugs and small rodents. The water snakes in the pond eat the bullfrogs so I can get a good night's sleep now and then.

During egg laying season we saw 6 painted turtles and 2 box turtles lay their eggs (plus 1 unidentified turtle). Most of them chose the same patch in our yard to lay in. We enjoyed watching their treks to find the perfect spot to lay in.

Frogs and toads and more frogs and toads. Savannah likes to observe them all.

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