03 February 2009

Mommy's little helper

All of our trips to hardware stores have made quite the impression on Savannah who can tell the difference between Sherwin-Williams (her favorite), Home Depot, Lowe's and the local hardware store. Here's one of her recent lists to help me remember what to pick up at the store:

The numbers are different grits of sandpaper and the smiley face at the bottom is a "100" (grit sandpaper) that turned into a face. I often give her these on special projects where she's done a great job. I didn't tell her how to spell anything by the way!

Kevin has given me free reign in decorating the guest bedroom, which will mainly serve as my sewing and project room. At the moment I've got a semi-Bohemian design board going for this room. I can't wait to pile on the lavish colors and textures.

Bohemian idea pieces for the guest bedroom - rich floral light-blocking lined drapes and bright antique Shiraz style rugs from Iran against romantic Egyptian cotton matelassé bedding. Yummy!

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